Create income and expense recurring transactions

Speed up data entry by creating income and/or expense recurring transactions


Hi I'm Federico and I'm going to make you a quick demonstration of how to create recurring transactions in Abakus.

So I'm here in my list of incomes and I'm going to search one of my customers.

So this transactions are all the same so it doesn't make any sense for me to

create them manually or to clone them. I'm going to get them to repeat, so I select repeat

this option here on this menu.

Then I'm going to say that this should be repeated

every month.

The next day is suggested by the system but I can

change it.

And I'm going to select the payment account.

The payment account is optional, but it

can be quite good because when the transaction is created, is automatically registered as paid at the same time, so that saves a bit of time.

So I'm going to save this.

And now I have these arrows that indicate that it's a recurring one. Shows me

when is the next one, when I put the mouse on top, and I can click to change

the terms in which is repeating or stop it from



I said is good to have the payment, but what if the transaction was created correctly, but the payment was not received

on time.

So in that case and the best thing to do would be to go to payments

and simply


that payment. So I would say okay this payment

really hasn't happened, so let's remove it.

And when when I go back to my list of income,

and let's search again, so it makes it


That's how it should be.

It hasn't been paid.

Now Let's quickly go to expenses to check a case where not entering the payment account make sense. So I'm going to search here for Google.


let's say this is a transaction that happens every momth, so therefore it makes sense for it to be recurring, but the amount is not always the same.

So what I do in that case is the same that I show you before.

So I repeat it every month,

but I don't select a payment account. Because

it will register the payment as well, and it will be it for the incorrect amount, so what I would do is let's say

this was copied from the last one, and I just saw it, and I just checked the correct amount, so what I do is simply go

and edit the transaction. Now put the correct amount, say 300,

and then I will go and register the payment, whatever account

I used for the payment.

And I go and save and go back.


this transaction

will repeat next month

with 300.

But that's not a problem.

I will do the same thing. I will change it, I'll put the correct amount, and I'll save it again. So that's basically it. All you need to know for creating recurring transactions in Abakus

I hope this was

useful and thanks for watching this video.