Not 100% Sure How Profitable is YOUR BUSINESS?

Make sure it is not less profitable than it should be with the help of myAbakus

A bookkeeping and financial management software that small and medium business owners use to keep their businesses accounts in order, clear, and up to date. Manage invoicing, accounts receivable and payable, cash and banks, inventory and cash flow. Easily export income and expenses reports for your accountant.

myAbakus in a laptop

Are You a Control Aficionaldo? Our Software Is Designed for You

Bookkeeping and Financial Management Software
for Non-Accountants

Simple and Intuitive

We are confidente that when you get familiarized with using the software, you will agree that it is a useful and easy to use tool

Designed for You

Our software is designed for those who want clear and up to date financial information on their businesses without having to depend on their accountants

Practical Accounting

Understand and master only the accounting concepts that are necessary and relevant for the financial management of your business

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