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Understanding and Controlling its finances with myAbakus

An intuitive accounting software designed for those who want to keep their business accounts clear and up to date without having to depend on the knowledge, availability or preferences of their accountant

myAbakus in a laptop

Accounting Software Designed for Non-Accountants

Administrative and Financial Management

Keep your accounts - and business - in the right trayectory


Create and customize your invoices with your company's logo, print them, or email them directly to your customers.

Accounts receivable

Keep your sales and collection data up to date to make sure customers are paying you when and how they should.

Cash control

Make sure everything (that should) has been accounted by keeping your cash accounts up to date and reconciled.

Cash flow management

Stay ahead of the game and avoid nasty surprises by entering pending collections and payments, as well as recurring expenses.

Inventory control

Maintain system and real quantities synced, know when to reorder, and see how your products are contributing (or not) to your bottom line.


Once you understand and measure your business's performance, you can set goals, take actions, and evaluate results.

Total satisfaction or your money back

Try Everything for free, pay Only for what you need

You can also change (or cancel) your plan anytime and add extras such as users, locations, custom designed invoice, orders and quotes

Á la Carte

Starts at U$16.9/mth

billed annually

$24 billed monthly

  • Up to 1,000 invoices per month
  • Select core features
    according to your needs

    For example: Invoicing plus
    Accounts Receivable

  • 1 location included

    Pay only for the extra locations you need

  •  1 user included

    Pay only for the extra users you need

  •  Add and pay for only the
    extras you need

    Such as custom design
    invoice, order and quotes



billed annually

$99 billed monthly

  • Unlimited invoices
  • Dedicated account manager and priority on feature requests
  • All core features are included
  • All the locations you need
  • All the users you need
  • All extras are included

    including the new ones that get developed



billed annually

$335 billed monthly

  • Up to 100 myAbakus accounts to use with your customers

    Need more? Contact us

  • Can use your own brand and website if you want to
  • Can set your own
    prices if you want to
  • Can collect payments directly from your customers, use our payment platform or integrate yours

Easy Accounting Software

Simple and Intuitive

We are confidente that when you get familiarized with using the software, you will agree that it is a useful and easy to use tool

Designed for You

Our software is designed for those who want clear and up to date financial information on their businesses without having to depend on their accountants

Practical Accounting

We believe that accounting should be done more as mangement and administrative resource and less (or only) as a fiscal obligation

14 days of free trial with personalized assistance

Request a Demo

Personalized for Your Business

Instead of trying to figure out how the software works and guess if it’s a good fit for you, invest 30 minutes on a virtual meeting with a friendly member of our staff who will show you how it can specifically work for your business and ask/answer all the relevant questions.

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