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Management accounting
software for the control aficionados

¿Need to improve the level of organization and control in your business?

Solve that problem with a management accounting software that small and medium business owners use to and keep their businesses organized and under control with simple, clear, and up-to-date accounts.

Manage invoicing, accounts receivable and payable, cash and banks, inventory and cash flow. Easily export income and expenses reports for your accountant.

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"Sound finances and operations are the foundations for a successful business, not something to be avoided or abdicated to others"

Simple and Easy to use Management Accounting Software for Small and Medium Businesses Owners

Who know that the financial control of their company must be in their hands and is not something they can delegate to an external accountant

Simple and Intuitive

We are confident that when you get used to our software, you will agree that it is a useful and easy to use tool

Financial Control

Our software is designed for those who want clear and up-to-date financial information on their businesses without having to depend on their accountants

Practical Accounting

Understand and master only the accounting concepts that are necessary and relevant for the financial management of your business

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"If your business is not really profitable, you work primarily for the benefit of your customers, suppliers and employees."

Management Accounting Software

To control and keep your business finances in the right trayectory


Create and customize your invoices with your company's logo, print them, or email them directly to your customers.

Accounts receivable

Keep your sales and collection data up to date to make sure customers are paying you when and how they should.

Cash & Debt

Keep an eye on your cash and the size and cost of your debt by keeping all your balances up to date and reconciled.

Cash flow

Stay ahead of the game and avoid nasty surprises by entering pending collections and payments, as well as recurring expenses.


Maintain system and real quantities synced, know when to reorder, and see how your products are contributing (or not) to your bottom line.


Once you understand and measure your business's performance, you can set goals, take actions, and evaluate results.

"Generating profits is the only way a business can create wealth for its owners"

Management Accounting Software
for Non-Accountants

Don't let your accountant confuse you

myAbakus exists because we firmly believe that the software that your accountant will recommend is not the best for you

He (or she) will probably recommend the accounting software he uses, convinced that it is what you need and with the best intention.

But if you think about it, it is very clear that the work, needs and preferences of your accountant are very different from yours as an entrepreneur.

In addition, the responsibility of your accountant is to keep a fiscal accounting that guarantees compliance with the rules, while yours is to keep an administrative accounting that allows you to keep your finger on the financial pulse of your company.

We are not your accountant enemies and know that it is important that myAbakus export the information in the format that he needs to do his job.

But if he says that our software is not right for you, we recommend being sceptical and finding out for yourself if it really meets your needs and it's going to be valuable for your business.

Remember this: The software that your accountant loves is probably not the one you will enjoy using.