Understanding, controlling, and improving the cash flow of your business

It's the only way to make sure it generates profits. If you don't do it, it's very likely that all the cash that comes in will end up being sucked by a black hole of operational, financial, and tax expenses.

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We believe in the value of simplicity

That's why we hand over to you the simplest and easiest management and accounting software built for small business owners.

See where your money is, at all times

Analyze timely information in simple and clear reports that give you what you need to make quick decisions and get your company under control.

The same work you do, now updating the books

We'll help you find the easiest way to keep the books up to date with the same tasks and processes your team does every day.

Keep your tax work under control, stress-free

Concentrate on the work that brings value to your business whilie giving access to your accountant so they can download the information and do their job.

A short overview of what you can do in Abakus

Find out whether this may be the management system that fits your business

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Feel your company's financial pulse, in real time.

With a simple and robust system to manage your small business

Invoicing and sales management

Control your full sales cycle: create quotes, orders and custom invoices blazing fast, to close more sales and drive revenue.

Accounts receivable management

Constantly monitor accounts receivable and easily send your customers detailed account statements to maintain a healthy cash flow.

Cash, banks and loans tracking

Manage daily payments, bills, expenses and banking movements to make informed decisions with a reconciled and real financial situation.

Cash flow planning

Get a quick overview of all past and future money flowing in and out, and take action on receivables and bills due, to avoid cash shortfalls.

Inventory control and manufacturing

Manage your items and goods, reordering on time with low-stock reports. Track your assembly and manufacturing orders to keep you inventory in sync.

KPI monitoring

Clear and concise financial statements and reports let you evaluate profitability for products, projects and customers. Get ready to make decisions.

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It's a simple, complete and intuitive system that helps you control money in and out and plan your cash flow, as well as accounts receivable, manage your business remotely and keep your business under financial control, in real time.

Nelson Manosalva

Owner and manager of Aravanei Caracas y Prismauto

Customer since October 2012

We believe in long-term relationships, we promise dedicated support.

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We envision an accounting at the service of entrepreneurs

Since we started Abakus we have been understanding and learning, based on the experience of the business owners who have used our software, a fundamental principle: it is better to be organized and up-to-date with the basic and simple administration of a company, than to have a complex accounting system, with many features, but one that is out-of-sync and not used to its full potential.

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