Video Tutorials

A collection of short videos showing what you can do with our management accounting software

Creatingsales itemsINCOME

Entering our items and initial inventory

Let's start by creating the products we have in inventory with their current stock amounts.


Entering the starting cash balances

Learn how to create cash, bank and credit accounts as well as their starting balances.


Entering recurring business expenses

Learn how to enter recurring expenses such as rent and payment to employees / contractors.

Managingprice listsINCOME

Creating price lists for products and services

Before entering sales you can define prices for different type of customers.


Entering sales invoices to customers

Learn how to create and send sales invoices to customers for services or stock products.

Enteringfinancial chargesCASH

Entering financial income and expenses

Learn how to enter bank charges, credit card and loan interest payments as well as financial income from investments.

Set uppayment termsINVOICING

Configure the due date for your invoices

Learn how to setup the standard payment terms used to calculate due dates in invoices.

Set upstock levelsINVENTORY

Setup and use the parameters to restock the inventory

Learn how to manage stock levels with minimum and maximum parameters for inventory items.

Set upprefixesINVOICING

Use multiple prefixes on invoices and other documents

Learn how to set up multiple prefixes and numbering for your orders and invoices.

Set upstarting balancesRECEIVABLES

Enter starting balances for customers and suppliers

Enter all outstanding receivables and payables for each of your customers and suppliers.

Createcredit notesINCOME

Create credit notes for customers

Create and send credit notes to record customer returns or refunds.

Reviewyour cashflowCASH

View your cash flow report by accounts

Analyze your cash flow report, organized by account types.

Plan futurepaymentsCASH

Create a payment plan for an invoice

Assign a payment plan to an income bill and monitor your cash flow.

Set upreceiptsCASH

Configure your payment receipts

Set up payment receipts for income and expenses.


Review inventory movements

Learn how to analyze inventory movements in different time frames.


Create income and expense recurring transactions

Speed up data entry by creating income and/or expense recurring transactions

Analyzeyour salesREPORTS

Analyze sales and income reports

Learn how to use the income report to analyze your sales by product, branch and salesperson.